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From Heart to Heart

Our Mission

Since 1997 one of the personal missions for Ani Lorak has been to support and collaborate with many national and international NGO such as United Nations where she became Ambassador for HIV aid program and different organizations helping with several projects focused on orphans.

Today this initiative has been created to support all the families that lost their homes or are affected by this tragedy. We will continue focusing on helping more children and women around the world. We believe that our children are the future to a better world.

We will carry on enhancing and developing this database with verified stories of families in need and the contact/financial information to bring attention to every single case and in addition to it, accumulate and centralize the information to accelerate critical support as fast as possible.

Latest Cases

You can use the bank details below to provide direct help to the affected families. We'll constantly update the information.

Get in Touch

If you are affected or you know someone who needs immediate help, please use our contact form or email us to